My normal cycle is 23 and takes 5 days.But last month(Sept.)it took 35 days and last 6 days after I took the hysterosalpingogram test and clomid 2 days after my period(Aug.17)and start injecting me progesterone and estrageole(I think)every other day.I expected my period will come but it was 5 days late that's why I took home pregnancy test 3x and it came positive but when I brought my tests to my doctor he said that it's not.He gave me medicine for hormones and my period was late for 12 days.I thought I was pregnant then,but when my I took my last injection my period came the next day.Sad and frustrated,but I started again my clomid on last day of my period this month CD6-9,my doctor told me to be back on CD10,CD15 and CD18 but still not ovulating yet.Then he told me to be back on my CD23...Am I not ovulating? Please help!!!