When you go through IVF, your doctor will prescribe progesterone before the embryo transfer. If the transfer is successful, the progesterone shots or suppositories continue until about the 12th week of pregnancy.

However, depending on the doctor’s preference, you will either be asked to take progesterone in oil injections or as a vaginal suppository. Which option is better, injecting yourself with progesterone or using a suppository.

Skin Injection

Honestly, the choice is entirely up to you (or your doctor for that matter). In terms of effectiveness, I feel that both are equally good. Both aim to achieve the same goal; providing the levels of progesterone required by your body during early pregnancy. So then the question falls to what are you more comfortable with. Personally, I think that both have pros and cons, so it is mostly a matter of choice.

  • With an injection, you just need to take it once a day, usually at night, to fulfill your daily requirement whereas the suppositories need to be taken 3-4 times a day.
  • As injectible progesterone is very viscous, you need to use a thicker syringe to inject it, which can be painful at times, but the suppositories are easy to use and can be gently inserted without any pain.
  • If the suppository is not used properly, you can lose a significant amount of the progesterone which you need, however, with the injection the entire dose stays in your system.

So when your doctor begins your progesterone, you can discuss it with them to get a better feel and choose the option that you are most comfortable with. After all it is YOUR body which is under scrutiny here!