As you hit the 34th week of pregnant, the third trimester is nearing the end and it is probably the best time to pack your bags for the hospital stay.  Babies are highly unpredictable, and can show up any time after the 36th week, so it is best to keep yourself prepared, so you don’t have to face the hassle of rushing to the hospital empty handed. For first time moms like me in particular, the big question is what to pack for the hospital stay.

In order to figure out what to take along, I decided to do some research and while browsing the internet and reading pregnancy books, I came across a number of lists which told me what to pack. In all honesty though, I thought that the majority of resources were providing you with item lists which might be useful if you are planning to have a baby in the middle of the desert as opposed to a civilized local hospital.

After going through a number of lists, I finally decided to pick and choose what I thought I would actually use or would not be easily available for me at the hospital. Here is what I finally packed:

  • A dressing gown- which I wore over the hospital gown to walk around the corridors
  • Hair band- to pull your hair back while you are sweaty and in labor
  • Toiletries-Including a toothbrush, comb, etc
  • Nursing bras and underwear, but don’t bring fancy ones as you will end up throwing them away later on.
  • A camera- for your spouse to take pictures of the baby with
  • Going home clothes-pack something comfy like baggy sweat pants or loose trousers and a loose fit top, as you will want something comfortable to wear on your way back home
  • Clothes for the baby, make sure you pack a couple of outfits in newborn size along with a going home outfit for the baby
  • A baby blanket
  • Socks, hat and mittens
  • Diapers

Personally I think that other things like music CD’s, board/card games, books and new nightgowns are all a waste of time and money as they are hardly ever used by anyone! Happy Packing!