So, the Clean Cuisine cookbook was a resounding success. Even my husband was enjoying the meals I made from it. Of course, I think he was partly just happy to have home-cooked meals served to him again, as I'd taken a couple of years off of cooking when my left knee went bad and I had to have it replaced. I got out of the habit of cooking and was mainly serving us vegetarian TV dinners. Having fresh food was nice.

Exercising was another thing I knew I needed to increase. I was already singing every night to increase my lung capacity. These were loud, belting show tunes that forced me to breathe deeply and use my lungs and diaphragm to their fullest. I needed more, though. I read that standing three hours a day was equal in exercise to running 10 marathons a year, so I decided to start doing that as much as possible to increase my stamina. I would need stamina for having kids, anyway. I was standing at least an hour a day cooking meals now. I began to increase it by running more errands on my own instead of sending my husband, and by standing up and walking around several times a day during my work day. I also started doing more housework instead of having most of that be my husband's job....something else he appreciated.

As I was already taking the appropriate vitamins and green superfoods in drink form to strengthen myself and make my body more health for pregnancy, including taking CoQ10 to increase my egg quality, I decided that getting the house cleaner was important. A clean body is the most important thing, but a clean house is necessary, too. Now, our house was already the cleanest of anyone I knew, thanks to my husband's obsession with eliminating all germs wherever they may be. He was almost like the character of Monica from the TV show Friends in that regard. But things could actually be cleaner.

We have four cats, and they leave cat hair, little particles of cat litter, and dander everywhere. I bought a Swiffer duster and started dusting like mad to get rid of all of the accumulated cat hair tumbleweeds. I also started looking at steam carpet cleaners and even maybe replacing the carpet. If I could clean up the mess the cats always left in their wake, then maybe my kids wouldn't develop allergies to the kitties. So the cat hair removal project was on!