After 12 years of trying to get pregnant, the idea of it happening naturally, at least with my husband, was a pretty far-fetched concept to me. I was essentially convinced we were incompatible in some way regarding our sperm and eggs and that the only way for us to make a baby together was going to be in the laboratory. If that's how it had to happen, that was fine with me. I just wanted my babies, and I was definitely ready for them to arrive. After going through the hysteroscopy to remove the uterine polyps, I felt like their arrival was pretty certain.

I was already talking about our babies and how they would be here by this time next year, giving us all something to be excited about, especially after the depressing necessity of putting my step-dad in an assisted living facility for early onset Alzheimer's at only age 64, which we did two weeks after my polyp removal procedure. My mother was so devastated by the whole thing, she said I needed to have some babies now (as in that very day) to give her something nice to focus on to make her happy again. Plus, I was also saying "babies," rather than baby. Somehow, after hearing my childhood friend was pregnant with twins on her first attempt at IVF, I'd started to feel like two babies were coming my way, too. At any rate, the fact that they would get here was no longer in question to me. It was how they would arrive that was still an unknown.

When I told some of my friends about getting the polyps removed, they responded back positively with encouraging words of how I probably wouldn't even need IVF to get pregnant once the polyps were out of the way. My fertility doctor assured me on my follow-up that my uterus was all cleaned up and ready for pregnancy. So, even though we hadn't bothered in months, my husband and I tried it the natural way twice on my first fertile period after the polyps were removed. Although I wasn't sure it would work, I felt like there was a chance it could, and I hadn't felt hopeful about getting pregnant naturally in a long time. If my period ended up being late, I was going to be very excited.