I let myself quiet my financial concerns and clear my mind for the first time in a long time. I couldn't help but feel that the financial pressure buying all of those fertility medicines was putting on me was the universe's way of saying now wasn't the time to be doing this. However, that just pertained to the IVF. I didn't feel like the universe was saying I shouldn't continue my process of bringing a baby into my life. It was just telling me I should be doing it in a different way right now.

As if to show me I had plenty of alternatives, I discovered another herbal fertility booster I thought was worth trying, and also came across a fertility hypnosis program that had guaranteed results. I thought about re-visiting our idea of adopting a child from the state. Maybe having a child would help me relax enough to get pregnant on my own. I knew it had happened to other couples who adopted. Plus, I'd always felt pretty strongly that I'd like to have biological children and adopted children. My intuition had been leading me in that direction for a long time.

I felt my biological clock ticking, but maybe it wasn't ticking as fast as I thought it was. My ovarian reserve was good. I had time. I didn't think I did, but I did! Plenty of people my age and older had natural, healthy pregnancies. According to the doctors, I was perfectly fertile and so was my husband. Maybe we were jumping into IVF too fast and that's what the universe was telling me.

Maybe I should use my IVF money on alternatives, while saving up over the course of the next year for IVF if I didn't get pregnant in the coming year. There would be less financial pressure. And I felt like it had a good chance of working. I knew I was going to be a mother. That wasn't in question. I felt it was meant to be for me to be a mom, and I would be. It didn't have to be immediately. I had options, and I was being given clear signals to explore them. I was no reason why I couldn't get results quickly once the financial pressure was off. My fertility journey was about to get a lot more exciting!