Knowing my IVF treatments were going to start soon, I decided it was a good idea to get my body into the best shape possible for being pregnant and sustaining a pregnancy. I also wanted to be sure I was creating an environment inside me that would support me and my baby in good health throughout the pregnancy. I wasn't taking any chances with this. I'd waited too long to take any risks with my chances of getting pregnant on the first try and producing a healthy child.

The first thing I did was upped my daily intake of CoQ10. I was already taking it daily as a liquid because I knew it supported good heart health. In the course of my fertility research, I discovered that it also helps produce greater numbers of high-quality eggs. It's actually an ideal nutrient to take in the months before starting IVF to increase your chances of success. I was just drinking random amounts of the liquid vitamin each day and wasn't sure how much I was really getting. So, I switched to a chewable gummy version. This way, I knew I was taking 2,000 mg of CoQ10 each day.

Next, I decided to strengthen and purify my body with green superfoods. I knew these were excellent for detox and overall health. My genius microbiologist brother confirmed this, and I pretty much listen to any nutrition advice he gives. So I started taking a powder of mixed greens containing spirulina and chlorella in a glass of water each day.

Having been anemic on and off since I was 6, I started taking a liquid iron supplement daily to increase my stamina. I also started on a gummy prenatal vitamin. Finally, I knew I needed more exercise. Having had both knees replaced in my early 30's made any kind of vigorous exercise difficult. So I re-discovered an old hobby and started to sing.

I sang loudly, every night, for between 15 and 20 minutes at a time. The more powerful and challenging the song, the better. It turns out singing is an awesome cardiovascular workout. I felt both winded and energized after each session. I was strengthening myself for pregnancy and I noticed the difference. It felt good!


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