Still trying to go the natural route, I started doing online research to find different ways to boost fertility. I generally keep Facebook open in its own tab on my computer throughout the day, and Facebook pays attention to what you look at on other sites. I started getting a lot of adds for fertility products in my Facebook sidebar pretty quickly.

One of these ads really caught my eye and I clicked on it to discover a whole website devoted to this particular brand of herbal fertility pills called ConceiveEasy. The pills were full of all kinds of different fertility-boosting herbs, and you got a slightly different formulation each month to continue increasing your fertility the more you used the product.

The website claimed that over 80 percent of women who used the pills got pregnant within four months of starting them. Plus, there were abundant, glowing testimonials from women who had used the pills and gotten pregnant with them when supposedly nothing else had worked for them at all.

I was already sold on the pills at that point, but the fact that they sent you a free basal body temperature thermometer and a huge supply of ovulation test sticks and pregnancy test sticks if you signed up for a two month free trial cinched it for me. I placed my order.

The pills came labeled according to which month you should take them...1 for your first month on them, 2 for your second month, and so on. I have a hard time swallowing pills and they were rather large, so I just chewed them up. They had a chalky consistency and tasted kind of tangy, but were not too bad overall.

I let my two month trial run out and continued ordering them for the full four months. After all, their site said 80 percent of women got pregnant within the first four months of taking the pills. However, when I was still not pregnant after the fourth month, I canceled my subscription. It was back to the drawing board again.

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