According to the medical medium, I had the Epstein-Barr virus, which he said was most likely obtained through a childhood tetanus shot. This virus, he said, would have been an active infection in childhood soon after getting the shot, and it was true that I was really, really sick once when I was about 2 or 3 (I vaguely remember laying on the couch and being somewhat delirious with fever for a few days before recovering). After that, the virus was no longer active, but stayed with me and did it's "underground work," gradually going into the nerves, the joints, and other places where it could cause trouble.

This provided the explanation for the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis I'd developed when I was 16, the OCD I'd developed when I was 11, and the chronic anxiety attacks I started getting when I was 25. It also explained the anemia I'd had since I was 6. He told me I had plenty of iron stored up, but my body wasn't making it available to me in order to hide it from the Epstein-Barr virus. This was perfectly in line with the iron stores test I'd had about 6 or 7 years ago where my primary care doctor told me I had plenty of iron stored up, but it wasn't being made available for my body to use. The fact that the medium knew this without me telling him beforehand gave him a lot of credibility (though his waiting list and glowing testimonials also contributed to that). Epstein-Barr virus could also, he said, interfere with fertility. We had to get rid of it.

He gave me a list of supplements I should be taking, along with how much and how often to take them. He only sells his services, so I got everything he recommended on Amazon. Some supplements were to kill the Epstein-Barr and the streptococcal virus that was causing my chronic cough that no other doctor could explain. Some were meant to remove the mercury that was exacerbating the OCD. Others were meant to enhance my fertility. He also outlined a diet for me that was pretty close to how I already eat. I'd have to remove rice from my diet and go 100% vegan, but I was already mostly vegan. This was going to be an amazing healing and detoxifying experience!

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