I had all the products and advice I needed now to really become pregnant. The medical medium approved me staying on the raspberry leaf extract I'd purchased, and he said the hypnosis might be helpful and couldn't hurt. He said the acupuncture would neither help nor hurt me in my fertility journey. That left me in a bit of a quandary since I really love acupuncture and feel detoxed and refreshed after a session.

However, getting it once a week until I got pregnant was going to cost me $350 a month. On the other hand, the supplements to help me recover from the Epstein-Barr virus and other issues and make me more fertile would only cost about $250 a month. I'd be saving $100 a month by skipping the acupuncture. I decided to stick with the supplements and just go in for acupuncture every now and then for refreshing health "tune-up." That way made the most sense.

After listening to the first two modules of the hypnosis program, I knew it was going to be helpful, too. It clearly demonstrated the mind-body connection in conception and pregnancy, and since I already believed everything in the mind and body was connected, the hypnosis program reinforced that belief even more strongly in me. I had to abandon being a "mother in waiting" and start being a mother. That meant talking to my children as if they were already here, buying things for them, talking to people about the babies that were on the way, etc. Basically, I had to totally put myself in the mindset of being a mother, and my body would respond by making a baby for me.

The only thing left to do was to get my medical records from the fertility clinic I'd just left and move them over to my previous clinic where I'd had the insemination three years ago. It was much closer to my house, and if I was just going to use insemination as my assisted reproductive technology for a while, I'd rather go somewhere close to the house. I'd do the hypnosis, supplements, and diet for a month, then start insemination again. I had no doubt pregnancy would now be easy.