With the doctor not cooperating on the type of anesthesia I was getting, when he said he would back at his office, I was in a quandary. I am very phobic about general anesthesia and the thought of it was already making me physically shake and feel like I was going to cry. I asked to speak to the anesthesiologist again, and he came back to talk to me.

He was so kind. He explained they would give me a tranquilizer to help relax me, then give me Propofol to make me sleep. It would only be at that point that they would administer a gas-based anesthesia. I've had Propofol before and am fine with it. I also liked the idea of a gas-based anesthesia much better than an IV-administered one. Since the procedure would be very quick and I would also wake up from it quickly, I reluctantly agreed to it.

Once in the operating room, it all happened pretty quickly. I got the Propofol, started to feel dizzy, and then was waking up before I knew it. I was also cramping at a moderate amount of intensity. The nurse gave me a shot of Dilaudid, then another one about 15 minutes later. She then gave me two Vicodin pills and a Coke to drink (I usually avoid soda) to help with a headache I had upon waking. So, I was pretty dizzy and barely able to speak coherently by the time they let my friend come back to the recovery room and sit with me. We sat for an hour until I felt like I wouldn't fall down if I got up to put on my clothes. Then we left. It was done.

I came home with a follow-up appointment with my doctor (who I know didn't like as much as before) in two weeks, and a prescription for Lortab, which we stopped and got filled along the way. After a couple hours of napping, I still felt tired, but was not in pain and very happy the worst of it was behind me. I wasn't even spotting anymore like I was when they first got done with the surgery. With a newly cleaned uterus, I was primed for housing and nurturing healthy babies.


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