The weight loss market is one of the largest money makers in the United States. Obesity is on the rise, but pregnant women should not be thinking about weight loss supplements during pregnancy. Recent studies have shown that natural weight loss during pregnancy via healthy eating and safe exercise is just fine for overweight and obese women, but weight loss supplements are still given the red flag. Are all weight loss supplements deemed unsafe for use during pregnancy?Green Tea

The Term Weight Loss Supplement Can be Deceiving
When you think of a weight loss supplement you probably think of those caffeinated monsters that boost heart rate and blood pressure, but not all weight loss products contain stimulants. There are also individual supplements promoted in the weight loss market that women consume every day – so where is the line on safety?

The Everyday Supplements and Products
If you're talking about green tea, fiber or vitamin B supplements in the same sentence as weight loss you're not alone. These three ingredients are commonly added to dangerous weight loss products, but when they are taken as standalone supplements the function changes dramatically. 

Green tea is a strong antioxidant that can be consumed in decaffeinated varieties to support overall health without the caffeine stimulation. 

Fiber is necessary for colon health and bowel regulation. Eating a high-fiber diet is considered a healthy option for pregnant women. 

B vitamins are often included in prenatal supplements, so there is no danger in taking these during pregnancy. 

The question of safety in terms of weight loss supplements is directly associated with the ingredients, or combinations of ingredients, you are talking about. There are safe supplements that can be taken or consumed during pregnancy and there are unsafe supplements. Before taking any supplements, talk with your obstetrician for current information. 

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