Ahhh, the Internet has blossomed into a worldwide sensation. Nearly everyone has an Internet-ready device and there are even cars and trucks with Bluetooth technology that allows drivers to connect cell phones to the vehicle speaker system and even search the Internet while driving. The Internet is everywhere, but it’s just been in the last few years that social media has taken the intimate world by storm. You can find everything from school clothes to marriage advice to fertility help on Facebook, but is Facebook really the answer to infertility or is it killing fertility in the first place?

Social Media and Intimacy

There was a time when telephone calls Computerand text messages ruled the relationship. When I met my husband more than 20 years ago, we talked on the phone for hours and wrote letters that were 10 or 20 pages long. In those letters and during those phone calls we learned so much about ourselves, but what happened to that teenage romance? Today, status updates, likes and shares are part of courting. My children’s generation is the first generation that will be born in a time when the Internet was already around. They only know mobile – they only know on-demand – they only know Facebook.

When it comes time to hold real life conversations they fall flat. They don’t have the conversations skills we had as teens and that may just carry along with them well into adulthood. If two people cannot talk to each other, how are they supposed to be seductive and intimate? Without intimacy there is no true sensuality and sensuality is part of fertility and conception.

Facebook may not literally kill your fertility – though men should probably keep the laptops on the table and not on their lap, but the lack of face-to-face social communication skills is apt to have some negative impact on relationships, marriage and fertility in the long run.

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