You may think celebrity moms fade out of the spotlight after the pregnancy and birth, but many celebrity moms choose to hit the blogger circuit offering tips, product suggestions, and advice to moms all over the Internet. Do celebrity mom blogs tell it like it is or are they just another means of earning money using celebrity fame, name and baby?

ModernMom is the mommy blog for Brooke Burke, celebrity television host, and mother of four children. Burke appears to contribute to the blog once in a while, but there are various authors behind the posts on the site. The site is clearly taxed with ads and there are even micro-surveys readers must complete to read complete articles. 

MyBestBirth is one of several parenting and pregnancy websites from Ricki Lake. The television star operates this site as a social network. The information provided is generally social in nature with a strong forum and community. 

MoonFrye, another social network for moms, is the site of Soleil Moon Frye. The site, though beautiful with tons of colorful photos, offers very little informative content for new parents or parenting goals, in general. 

MyPregnancy is not a pregnancy site yet, but Kim Kardashian could change that with the flick of a pen. David Dginguerian, the producer of the movie Crossroads, wants to document the remaining days of Kardashian’s pregnancy online. The producer believes the star could earn up to $100,000 a month for a charity of her choosing. To make the deal sweeter, Kardashian would receive a $250,000 bonus to sign up for the site. 

Celebrity mom blogs are not the best source of pregnancy or parenting information I’ve read on the web. Most of the sites are so laden with ads and money-making posts that you can’t find the parenting information for the interference.