How can fertility doctors improve IVF success – freeze all embryos. More and more doctors and couples are choosing to freeze all embryos because of the positive impact cryotherapy has on reducing risks associated with stimulating the ovarian cycle during IVF treatment. Ideally, the embryos are harvested during a stimulated cycle. They are they frozen and later thawed and used during a natural cycle. Freezing the embryos increases the chance of conception by 30%, which is another huge reason to choose the freeze method. 


The report, which was delivered at the yearly meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, was a review of more than 60 studies on the topic of freezing embryos. The studies were completed by different researchers and medical associations, some of which have no connection to the researchers taking part in the report. The information delivered was specifically pulled from about 630 IVF cycles; half of which were completed with fresh embryos and the other half with frozen embryos. 

The frozen embryo pregnancy rate was 30% higher, but that wasn’t the only improved statistic reported by researchers. When the frozen embryos were used during a normal ovulation cycle, the risks associated with stimulating ovulation were reduced. There is some thought that DNA sequences and patterns are altered with ovary stimulation. Those changes do not occur when ovaries are not stimulated. 

Researchers warned that the results of the data collection was preliminary and further research is needed to prove that freezing embryos is the safest option for IVF safety and efficacy, but other research studies into the positive effect of freezing embryos is enough change the minds of some fertility doctors even without this study. 

Source: European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. July 6, 2012.