At 24 weeks gestation I was in labor and in the hospital taking prescription medications to stop labor. The medications worked, but I was forced to sit at home on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy in hopes the twin babies growing in my womb would make it until the 37th week or later.

At 34 weeks, my mother drove me to the doctor for a check-up. My youngest daughter was sitting in the room waiting to "see" the babiies on ultrasound. When the doctor came in he asked how I was feeling and the tears started to roll. My tummy measured 62 inches around (that's not cm) and I could not breathe, walk or eat. After asking my daughter if I was walking around the house or doing chores, he made a statement that stuck with me for many years after. "This is the reality of a twin pregnancy all women should see."

The story ends quickly as the doctor chose to admit me to the hospital for some rest. The monitor picked up contractions and a drip of Magnesium Sulfate was ordered to stop labor. The Mag pushed me into full-blown labor and my twins were born at 7 PM that evening. So much for rest!

Twin pregnancy is hard for some women and mine was less than thrilling. But, the after effects are two beautiful babies.