When it comes to conceiving a child without a partner, women have two choices. They can choose to talk with a close personal male friend to arrange an intimate relationship for the sake of conception or in-vitro fertilization (IVF). When debating the two – there are some serious issues to take into consideration. 

WorriedSex Can be Messy and Emotional
No matter how much talking two people do, there is always the chance of an emotional mess after having sex for conception. Sex and pregnancy can change the dynamic of a friendship, but more than that, there’s the issue of legal rights. Unless a legal document is signed before the conception occurs, the male partner will have legal rights to the child you’ve conceived. Are you ready to approach a personal friend with a legal document preventing him from having legal rights to a child he helped conceive?

IVF Can be Expensive
IVF is a great alternative that many single women choose, but it is a choice that comes at a cost – literally. IVF requires prescription medications, medical testing and medical procedures. The exact cost changes from one patient to the next and there is no 100% guarantee the first procedure will work. Do you have the money/insurance to cover the cost of IVF treatments? What are you going to do if the first treatment doesn’t result in conception?

Having a baby when you’re single is an option many women are making these days, but the choice is not without concern and consideration. Strong, independent women can raise children without the support of a male/female partner, but the options for getting pregnant are limited. It’s best to think about both sex and IVF, and the pros/cons of each, before making your final choice. In the end, adoption may be a more viable choice if neither sex nor IVF make the final cut.