At what age is the birthing process an acceptable experience? All of my children were born via C-section, so I was never forced to make a choice as to whether or not my children should be allowed to watch me give birth, but I have strong feelings on the issues, none-the-less. I would have no problem with my older children, in their teens, watching the birthing process if I were to give birth that late in life, but children don’t have a place in my delivery room. My feelings are not about children or toddlers experiencing the act of birth or the beauty of birth, but rather the blood, scalpels and other medical equipment that is part of some birthing processes.


The Personal is Not so Personal in the Labor Room

When a woman is in labor, suddenly the personal is not so personal anymore. She is laying there with her legs spread open and a baby moving down the birth canal. While Hollywood attempts to take an honest picture of the birthing process, they simply cannot touch on the realness of the experience. I remember sitting in that room when my sister gave birth to my niece. I do NOT remember smiling, laughter, love or anything remotely close to beauty. I remember screaming, panting, pain, blood and some more stuff that I will not mention in print.

So What Do Other Women Think About Toddlers in the Delivery Room

I’ve heard from mothers on both sides of the debate. Some say they think the birthing process is for all family members, including young children. Other women think the threat of medical complications is too much for children and they should be kept outside of the room.

What is your thought on having young children in the delivery room?