You’ve been trying to conceive for what seems like forever. You’ve setup a meeting with a fertility specialist, but your love life is shot. You’ve spent far too much time working on the when and how of conception to take notice of the desire and love that once drove your intimate life. Having a baby is a challenge for some couples, but that challenge should not result in a broken relationship. You need to be 100-percent supportive of each other throughout the struggles of infertility – though in some cases those words are much easier to speak than they are to live. 



Taking a Step Back from Conception

Not all couples can tackle infertility head-on, non-stop without taking a break once in a while. There is a fear surrounding that break, however, and that fear can be an extremely driving force in a relationship. The fear is centered on the what ifs of life. What if I skip having sex this week to just cuddle with my partner and this was the week I was going to conceive? What if I take a week away all to myself to recoup and think about the fertility journey in a relaxing environment and this was the week I was going to conceive at home? No matter what the struggle is in life, the what ifs are there to take all your confidence and shatter it to tiny pieces. The what ifs cannot take control because once they are given the control, you’ll be heading down a path that is bound to have a negative effect on your relationship. 

Sometimes Conception Happens When We Least Suspect It

Conception is funny that way. When a couple has been trying to conceive forever and the stress levels are through the roof, the body may not be reacting the way it should and conception just doesn’t happen. Taking a step back from conception, leaving the calendar on the wall and sticking the thermometer back in the bathroom drawer may be just what you need to break the infertility cycle. As you relieve much of the stress associated with prolonged infertility, your body tends to let down that stress guard and suddenly everything works out just as you wanted all along. 

Infertility is hard, but it should not be a journey that ends with a broken relationship. Take notice of what is happening at home and don’t fear taking a break – it may be just what you need. 

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