When a couple fights the battle of infertility they are lost in the moment, the fight, the struggle and – hopefully – the success. There is a pregnancy and a live birth and new parents leave the hospital with a miracle in their arms and a smile on their face. Then, two or three years later they think about adding another child to the home and then the question arises – will be face infertility again?

Not All Types of Infertility are the Same

My diagnosis of infertility was based on a different medical condition than the woman in the waiting room that day. She had a tipped uterus that was so far back that sperm had difficulty reaching the cervix and swimming to the egg – I simply faced immature eggs. She required IVF to become pregnant, but I did not. There are many different types of infertility, so not all women will face difficulty conceiving with every pregnancy. After conceiving the first time I never required a visit to the fertility doctor again. 

Some Women Need Additional Help

Unless there is a physical condition that prevents pregnancy without infertility treatment, couples should spend at least a small amount of time trying to conceive naturally before heading back to the fertility specialist. There is a chance you will conceive without help. But, if you try for six to 12 months without any luck, you may need help conceiving. 

The Call is Up to You

Some couples choose to have a consultation visit with the infertility specialist that helped them conceive the first time before they start trying. The specialist will talk about the problems you faced last time and the possibility of the same problems happening this time. Sometimes it just makes a couple feel better to hear advice from the specialist. 

Infertility is something that hits some women once and never again. Other women face problems conceiving every time they attempt to have a baby.