It is a huge step to make an appointment with a fertility specialist. Many couples wait months to years before making an appointment. Some claim the cost of fertility help is just too high and others want to wait one more month to see if the test finally reads positive. For couples on the cusp of making an appointment, home fertility tests are often a cost-effective alternative to medical diagnosis and treatment, but what home fertility tests are available and do they work?

First Response Fertility Test
Pregnancy TestThe First Response name has become synonymous with home pregnancy testing, but they also produce a home fertility test. The test requires the user to place the absorbent end into fresh, first morning urine, via sterile cup or urine stream for five seconds. After 30 minutes, one or two lines should appear. If the second line is lighter than the first or invisible, follicle stimulating hormone levels are normal. If the second line is darker than the first, the test manufacturer claims there could be an issue with egg quality or quantity and further testing may be needed. The test must be taken on the third day of the menstrual cycle. 

Reviews of the First Response Fertility Test are Horrible
Not many women are convinced the First Response Fertility Test is worth the money. According to user reviews, blood FSH testing contradicted results of the test on more than one occasion. 

SpermCheck Fertility Test
SpermCheck is the male alternative to the First Response Fertility Test for women. The test claims 98% accuracy in testing sperm levels above or below 20 million sperm/ml. Users must collect a semen sample no sooner than two days or later than seven days after the last ejaculation. 

Reviews are Good, But Doctors are Not Convinced
Yes, the SpermCheck can reveal if sperm count is normal or below normal, but it cannot tell the couple if sperm is healthy enough to achieve pregnancy. Issues with male fertility can reach far beyond producing enough sperm so a positive result may not mean he’s fertile at all. 

When it comes to home fertility testing, there are options, but though the price is lower than professional medical help the results may not increase your chances of getting pregnant. 

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