Micro-IVF is a less expensive alternative to traditional IVF treatment. Other names for the treatment may include eco-IVF or no-stimulation IVF. This option is not ideal for all couples working through infertility problems, but it may be the perfect starting point for couples who want to start out with treatments that cost less than the full IVF ride. Natural IVF is an even cleaner, less expensive form of IVF. 

The IVF procedure involves oral medications to promote egg maturation and release and injectable fertility drugs to improve the chances of conception. Micro-IVF skips the fertility drug injection part of the process. Women still take the oral medications to promote egg maturation and release. 

Natural IVF
Where micro-IVF takes one step in the affordable direction, natural IVF takes two. This process eliminates all use of fertility drugs, oral and injectable. Natural IVF is less expensive than both traditional and micro IVF. 

Is Saving Money Now the Right Option?
Many of the decisions regarding the IVF journey will need to be made for personal and financial reasons. Traditional IVF is expensive and the fertility drugs used come with a risk of side effects. Some couples, especially women younger than 35, may think there is no hope for conception because they can't afford full IVF treatment, but that's not the case. Affordable options are out there and those options carry fewer risks and side effects. Some couples choose micro-IVF and natural IVF as a starting point on the journey while others simply want to give parenting one more try. 

For more information on all forms of assisted reproductive technology contact a fertility doctor for a consultation. Micro-IVF and natural IVF are not for all couples and may not be the most affordable option for you. Most fertility doctors will rule out health reasons and causes before suggesting full-blown IVF. 

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