Q: What should I do if I am gaining too much weight during pregnancy?

A: Weight gain during pregnancy does not always follow a straight line. Some weeks you gain more than in others. If you are gaining too much weight and have not eaten that much, you may be retaining fluid. If weight gain is due to water, you shouldn't cut back on your food intake. Tell your health care provider that you are gaining more weight than you expect given the amount of food you are eating and the exercise you are getting. You provider may review with you your diet, check on your and your fetus' health and maybe send you to a nutritionist.

If you have been eating too much, then it's time to reduce portion sizes and perhaps to eat fewer snacks. Foods that contribute the least nutritional value should be the first ones deleted from your diet. Increasing physical activity can also help slow your rate of gain. But remember, keep your pattern of weight gain positive.