From Capital One commercials to the hit television sitcom 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin has a pretty comfortable life in Hollywood. The star has seen some rocky days, but those appear to be behind him. Just eight months ago he married girlfriend and yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, who just happens to be more than 25 years his junior. The couple was married only a few months before a scream from the bathroom at the couple’s country home changed everything. Baldwin thought the scream meant a spider was on the loose, but news of a baby was what he found.

Rumors have been floating around Hollywood for quite some time about a possible new baby, Baldwin and Thomas chose to keep the pregnancy under wraps until they were ready to tell the world. As an occasional host for the television show Extra, Hilaria didn’t do a very good job of hiding the pregnancy. While filming a segment last month, she danced around the set clearly showing off what looked like a baby bump.

Baldwin has a child with former wife Kim Basinger. His fatherly instincts were questioned when a recording was released of a voicemail he left for his 11-year-old daughter Ireland. The voicemail recorded Baldwin calling his daughter a “rude little pig” because she did not pick up the phone. The actor was forced to give up a year of visitation rights after the ordeal and the voicemail remains a hot topic of comedy when Baldwin appears on Saturday Night Live. Five years have passed since the media attacked Baldwin tirelessly for the comments and all involved are hoping he leaves the name calling behind with baby number two.

Things do appear to be different for the 54-year-old actor this time around. He claims to be ready for retirement, joking that he wants to be the stay-at-home dad while his wife pursues her career as a yoga instructor and television correspondent. We’ll see just how far that dream goes. There have been no official announcements that 30 Rock will be ending any time soon, but Baldwin’s contract is currently on a year-by-year extension. The original six-year contract for the show was up in 2012 and though all stars involved signed extensions, there are rumors the show is on its last leg.