Fellow child actress Danica McKellar offered some motherly advice to Alyssa Milano. Milano is ready to give birth to her first child at any time. McKellar, popular for her role as Winnie on the Wonder Years, offered advice and a shoulder to lean on since she’s been down the motherhood road before. McKellar gave birth to her first child about a year ago and this will be the first child for Milano

Many stars stay hidden from the world for the last few weeks of pregnancy. Water weight gain, swelling, red skin and other less than glamorous effects of pregnancy can ruin the public’s image of a star, but Milano doesn’t care. On August 2, she tweeted a picture of her baby bump, but the response to the picture was not what we expected. Milano is known as a mega-tweeter with a whopping 1.7 million followers. The picture earned just 76 responses. Is she losing her traction in social media?

We will keep our ear to the grindstone awaiting the big announcement and the even bigger first pictures of Master Milano. Husband Dave Bugliari hasn’t said a peep about the baby or his excitement about being a new dad. We’ll see how fatherhood affects him very soon.