This is a headline you will probably never see. Ellen DeGeneres has been open with her sexuality and open with her ideas about having children.

The pregnancy topic has come up, but at 50 years of age, there is little leading people to believe she will have a child of her own womb any time soon. But, does that mean there will never be children for Ellen DeGeneres? No, that is not the case. Her wife, Portia DeRossi, is only 35 years old and in Hollywood, that is a younger age than many celebrities are starting their first families. The real question is whether or not Ellen DeGeneres wants to be a mommy or not.

In interviews, when Ellen DeGeneres has been asked about having children, she is coy and open. She recognizes the fact that same sex couples have to truly think harder about being parents. This is not because they are less able to conceive, but because there are no pregnancy mistakes in a same sex marriage. Same sex couples like Portia DeRossi and Ellen DeGeneres have to search out a sperm donor if they want to carry a pregnancy or seek out an adoption agency that will look past their same sex marriage status to allow them to adopt a child. Both of these options are very open, but the thought process is still there and that requires time, according to Ellen DeGeneres. She is not, on the other hand, afraid to put others on the spot regarding their pregnancies and rarely do women who are in the tabloids for being pregnant, hit the floor of the Ellen DeGeneres show without being asked about their impending mommy-hood. She has even been known to dress up like pregnant stars for Halloween. (Ellen DeGeneres dressed as a pregnant J-Lo on one occasion.)

Ellen DeGeneres has not always been so very open with her sexuality. There was a time when the world did not know she was gay and she was the star of her very own television sitcom at the time. She was living the storylines of men and involvement and when that became too farfetched - she decided to tell the world about who she really was and that was when Ellen DeGeneres was free to be who she was. After coming out of the closet, the life of Ellen DeGeneres took on a whole new path.

The future is bright for this 50 year old star who looks more like she is 30. She has an open mind, an open heart and a life ahead of her filled with dancing and smiles. There is little doubt Ellen DeGeneres wants to have children. But, the timing is everything and now is not the time. Insiders do report, however, that every time she watches a commercial with babies wearing fashionable clothing she is not looking at the clothing. No, she is looking at the babies. May I have that one please? That would be a line Ellen DeGeneres could pull off any day of the week.