After a heart wrenching miscarriage, Guiliana Rancic (E! reporter and host) is trying hard for another baby.

Reports have leaked that the star if having more than 60 in-vitro fertilization treatments a month in an attempt to conceive another child. Guiliana and Bill Rancic came on the popular show ‘The View’ to talk about the miscarriage and their current attempts at parenthood. According to the couple, they felt something was wrong with them because they could not start a family but that feeling soon faded and was replaced with drive and determination.

The public nature of the star’s trouble getting pregnant has caused vast numbers of emails offering everything from surrogacy to adoption. One woman contacted Rancic claiming her niece was giving birth to a baby and wanted to give the adoption rights to Bill and Guiliana Rancic. There is no word whether the couple will look into surrogacy or adoption. At this point, Guiliana is getting up to 63 IVF shots per month hoping to get pregnant with a biological child and carry that child to term.