Mothers and fathers all over the world talk about sex with their children in hopes of teaching them to make the right decisions. In a parent’s eye, that right decision is not having sex until they are old enough to deal with the potential consequences. For Jamie Lynn Spears – the consequences were a pregnancy at a very young age, but with a star, that doesn’t seem to matter. Jamie Lynn Spears was far different from her sister Britney Spears. Amidst a depressive down spiral, Britney Spears was the center of attention and younger Jamie Lynn Spears was the one making the right choices. That is, until she became pregnant at the age of 16 and the entire young world stood still. Jamie Lynn Spears was the star of a popular show with young girls. The show, Zoey 101, hit the hearts of so many middle school and young high school students that the Jamie Lynn Pregnancy was a nightmare for all involved.


Kids who once watched young Zoey fighting with normal young girl issues were now faced with a pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears – a mother instead of a role model. The television show was cancelled and the world was forced to deal with rag mag story after rag mag story about Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant. Some of the stories included titles like, Jamie Lynn Spears TOO Pregnant and Gorgeous, Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears is Tired and Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears is Getting Ready for Another Baby Shower. The world was taken over for an instant by both the Jamie Lynn Spears and Britney Spears baby drama. Then, the lights faded and the story was not so hot anymore. What happened after the eventful birthday of Maddie Briann? When Jamie Lynn Spears announced she was pregnant, OK! Magazine purchased the photo rights to the baby at birth.

However, the first real photos were posted on a MySpace page before those published by OK!. Some think this was a ploy to stir up the celebrity kettle again, but it did not work as well the second time. In August of 2008, the new drama in the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy event was the weight loss after the birth. With photos captured by a stray photographer, the young star had slimmed down to her pre-pregnancy size. This was supposed to be news – the girl is 16 – she is supposed to have the best metabolism of her life.

Other drama surrounding the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy included a supposed Walmart picture theft and subsequent second pregnancy. According to The National Enquirer, the star is pregnant again even though she says she is not. Many online bloggers are noting that The National Enquirer was the first publication to report Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant the first time and only the months ahead will tell if this is true the second time around. It seems like the Spears family traded off the Britney Spears baby drama for a younger sort of drama. I wonder how Maddie is doing with all the stress of being a Spears?