There was once a show on television that kept the teens and tweens of the world on the edge of their seat for on solid hour a week. That show was titled 90210. A simple zip code by anyone's standards - but the stars of this hit and their time spent in the Peach Pit were to be remembered for a lifetime. The show starred a young Jennie Garth and as she grew up, the show progressed and eventually ended its long reign on television. But - the hype behind the show was enough to keep the talk up for years after the show had left the airways and Jennie Garth was in the middle of that talk.

As far back as 1997, Jennie Garth was in the news for being pregnant. At the time, now hubby Peter Facinelli, was Jennie Garth's boyfriend. The couple soon wed and their daughter walked down the aisle as a flower girl.

Not much time passed for Jennie Garth before there was a second pregnancy and then a third. The couple seemed to be having the best time in the world together settled and loving life.

The past stardom of the 90210 days held on for Jennie Garth and there were brief bits of work here and there, but pregnancies seemed like the place best suited for this once mega star. Today, Jennie Garth claims she is not done yet. The fourth child of this prosperous marriage is on the way - IF - OK! Magazine can convince dad that having another baby is a great idea.

According to Jennie Garth, despite the troubles between herself and her husband, she is in the marriage for a lifetime. However she does want a fourth child in the home whether that child is natural or adopted. An interview with OK! magazine reveals that hubby may not be too keen on adding another baby to the brood. Jennie Garth said she needed a little help to convince dad that another pregnancy is a great idea.

Jennie Garth is not the only 90210 star to settle into motherhood.

Fellow star Tori Spelling has found herself pregnant once or twice along the way as well. At the age of 36, Jennie Garth has YEARS left in her to make more babies and have more pregnancies. The age of Hollywood moms getting pregnant is tracking older and older every year.

Jennie Garth is not quite done with her family and, evidently, she is not quite done with 90210. The recent re-release of the hit TV show offered Jennie Garth a chance to go back to the good old days. Only, this time, Jennie Garth was a counselor on the show for the new high school hotties.

How is that for a reality check? Jennie Garth only appeared in the first 6 episodes of the show. Garth has also worked with Dancing With The Stars and on several Lifetime movies and TV sitcoms.