Baby #3
Due Mid 2019

Mario Lopez, 45, and his wife Courtney, 36, are expecting baby number 3. The couple announced their pregnancy via Instagram with a sweet video posted to Instagram in which each family member gave an update on what is going on in their lives. The kids talked about what activities they were doing and then when it came time for Courtney's turn, she proudly pulled up her shirt to expose her tiny baby bump and said, "I'm having a baby!" Mario added, "That's right, we are adding to the team!"

The Extra host and former Saved by the Bell star and his wife are parents to 8-year-old Gia and 5-year-old Dominic. The video shows two very excited kids and one adorable dog, Julio Cesar Chavez, who is said to hope that another Frenchie on the way! 

No word on whether the new baby with be a boy or girl ... or a Frenchie!

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