As if we needed another reminder that Pink was one unique celebrity, it seems she is leaving the extreme dieting behind and focusing on motherhood and breastfeeding for the time being.

Several photos capturing Pink and husband Carey Hart reveal Pink is holding on to quite a bit of that baby weight. While other stars are dieting and exercise like crazy people to get back to pre-baby size within weeks, Pink is eating right and dedicating her time to motherhood. 

Though being a new mother can be difficult and stressful, Pink seems to be taking it in stride. She revealed on her Twitter page that she stays up all night with night lights instead of glow sticks and she’s replaced the “adult” drinks for a little dancing and breastfeeding, but she’s perfectly happy in her new role. 

The baby weight won’t be around for long, however. There are quite a few tweets about yoga, Jillian Michaels and dance class. We’ve not seen P90X mentioned yet, so we think she’s still taking it easy but that won’t last for long. With a stage in her heart, we’re certain the new and improved, hotter than ever Pink will be back in the spotlight within the year.