UPDATE: Sara Haines and husband Max Shifrin welcome their third child, Caleb Joseph. The newborn weighed 8 pounds 15 ounces and was born on June 26th. Haines told People Magazine, “Max and I are riding the life high of meeting this new little guy and the heart we just grew”. Congrats to the new family of five!



Baby #3
Due July 2019
Cravings: Wurstbar (a Jersey City sausage and beer spot)

Good Morning America Day host Sara Haines announced that she and her husband, Max Shifrin, are expecting another baby in the spring of this year. Sara and Max are already parents to two-year-old Alec Richard and 1-year-old Sandra Grace. The couple lives in Brooklyn and along with the baby brood, they share their home with two Chihuahuas.

Sara revealed on a recent episode of Good Morning America Day that she suffers from diastasis of the recti abdominal muscle (DRAM). DRAM is a separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle, which covers the front surface of the abdomen. During pregnancy, the growing uterus pushes the abdominal wall out against the abdomen and recti muscles, weakening the muscles. As the uterus grows, that muscle lengthens and causes the two halves to separate. As the muscle separates, the connective tissue stretches sideways making it thinner and weaker. Risks of diastasis recti include having big babies, multiples, and more than one pregnancy.

Sara Haines

The 41-year-old mom says baby number three pushes them in a new bracket, "We just figured out our one-on-one defense and now we have to move to a zone. Max and I are super excited while also being terrified!"

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