The famous Duggar family is about to expand by one more. The Duggars
became famous after the family was picked up for several shows and a
series on the lives of the family.

The couple has decided to give their fertility to God and conceive as many children as God intends them to have. The couple currently has 19 children and counting, according to their personal website. The oldest Duggar child is married and has one child with another on the way.

The recent announcement of a second Duggar grandchild leaves many wondering if the elder Duggar child will follow in the footsteps of his parents. In one interview, the couple revealed they would like to have more children (after the first) but that 19 children are too many for them.

The Duggar grandparents may not be finished with children just yet. The recent Duggar baby, Josie, was born premature and both mom and baby faced serious health risks during and after the pregnancy. The experience undoubtedly stirred up media attention and thought from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, but the couple has not reported whether they will stop having children.