After you become pregnant it can be helpful to have a list of the most important milestones as a reminder about what is to expect in the future. This complete checklist from conception to birth covers the basic events along the way and may help to ease the feeling that keeps running through your mind, “What am I supposed to be doing today?”

Before Conceiving

         Have a dental checkup
         Have a complete physical
         Ask a doctor about boosters such as Tetanus and German measles
         Collect medical history from family members – both sides
         Take daily prenatal vitamins – even before becoming pregnant

After Conception – Months One and Two

         Take a home pregnancy test
         Find an obstetrician
         Schedule blood tests and first appointment
         Contact insurance company about pregnancy coverage
         Discuss the financial impact of maternity leave and daycare.
         Attend the first prenatal visit

After Conception – Months Three and Four

         Start looking for maternity clothing
         Schedule prenatal testing, chorionic villus sampling, nuchal translucency screening, and chromosomal disorder screening
         Attend the second doctor’s visit
         Discuss maternity leave schedules and working after the baby comes
         Tell your family and friends about the pregnancy

After Conception – Months Five and Six

         Begin nursery planning
         Research childcare if applicable
         Attend third doctor’s visit
         Have your first ultrasound
         Schedule amniocentesis if applicable
         Interview potential pediatricians
         Sign up for childbirth and prenatal classes
         Plan baby shower and send out invites

After Conception – Months Seven and Eight

         Finish nursery
         Baby proof the home
         Discuss a plan for labor day – other children and pets
         Prepare meals and freeze for use after birth
         Take prenatal first aid classes
         Fill out any emergency forms required by the hospital
         Purchase car seat and install
         Gather must-haves for baby
         Pack a hospital bag
         Attend two doctor’s visits

After Conception – Months Nine and Ten

         Contact cord blood bank if applicable
         Get a new haircut and schedule a spa day
         Attend weekly doctor’s visits
         Attend the non-stress test
         Report to the hospital during active labor

Make sure to print this checklist and stay organized and on top of everything you need to do!

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