Must have baby gear

Part of the fun of being pregnant comes from preparing for your baby's arrival. There are so many things to buy or add to your baby shower registry. Here are some must-have items to get before baby arrives.

Use this checklist to see items what you have already and which ones you still need:

         Cradle or bassinet
         Safety crib mattress
         Changing table or changing pad
         Fitted crib sheets
         Side or back positioned for baby
         Cloth diapers
         Disposable diapers
         Protective baby ointment
         Baby tub
         Gentle, hypoallergenic bath wash
         Baby shampoo
         Hooded towels
         Baby washcloths
         Baby hair care set
         Baby hypoallergenic lotion
         Small nail clippers and file
         Ear or digital thermometer
         Infant ibuprofen and acetaminophen
         Infant gas drops
         Bulb nose cleaner
         First aid kit
         Car seat
         Diaper bag
         Breast pump
         Infant pajamas
         Infant socks
         Hypoallergenic baby detergent

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