Second-trimester pregnancy checklist

During the second trimester of pregnancy, many of the most difficult symptoms suffered in the first trimester, like morning sickness, are fading away. The second trimester brings the appearance of the baby bump and more tests and doctor’s visits. By the end of the second trimester, there is no hiding the pregnancy tummy. 

Here are things you should do in the second trimester:

  Attend all prenatal doctors’ appointments.
  Keep taking prenatal vitamins.
  Continue eating a healthy pregnancy diet.
  Increase fiber intake to combat constipation.
  Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  Start doing Kegel exercises to prepare for birth.
  Start shopping for maternity clothes.
  Retire all constrictive and uncomfortable clothing.
  Wear low or mid-heeled shoes.
  Start childbirth education and birthing classes.
  Discuss breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding with a partner.
  Research company maternity leave policies, if applicable.
  Research paternity leave policies.
  Baby proof the home with socket protectors and slip-proof pads under area rugs.
  Start recording movements and contractions.
  Discuss taking a vacation before travel is restricted.
  Visit the dentist for a prenatal dental check-up.
  Exercise daily.
  Talk with the obstetrician about genetic testing.
  Have quad marker screening completed, if applicable.
  Schedule the first ultrasound.
  Schedule amniocentesis, if applicable.
  Have a flu vaccination if pregnant during flu season.
  Review proper seat belt usage for pregnant women.
  Tell friends and family about the pregnancy.
  Tell your boss and coworkers about pregnancy.
  Establish a list of questions for potential pediatricians.
  Interview potential pediatricians.
  Choose a pediatrician.
  Start interviewing for childcare providers, if applicable.
  Discuss with a partner how long you will be staying home with the baby.

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