The long months of pregnancy are finally ending. Fatigue tends to set in during the latter weeks of the third trimester and will continue for a few months after the baby is born. The third trimester also marks the start of maternity leave for most. A third-trimester checklist can be crucial as time, contractions and exhaustion take a toll on your memory.

Be sure to do each of these during your third trimester!

         Continue attending all prenatal appointments
         Choose the pediatrician
         Write the birth plan
         Continue eating a healthy pregnancy diet
         Exercise daily, if possible
         Begin perineal massage to reduce the chance of vaginal tearing during birth
         Start prenatal and birthing classes, if not already started
         Pre-register at the hospital where the baby will be born
         Make a list of questions for hospital staff
         Tour the hospital, birthing center and nursery
         Attend an infant care class
         Attend an infant CPR class
         Talk with obstetrician about an additional ultrasound
         Schedule any final blood tests
         Continue Kegal exercises
         Review signs of labor
         Make an emergency phone number list and place in a visible place
         Purchase and properly install the infant car seat
         Purchase and assemble infant stroller
         Remove toxic chemicals from the home
         Replace cleaning chemicals with all-natural cleansers
         Assemble baby crib and/or bassinet
         Discuss bedding options with partner
         Finish decorating nursery
         Wash all infant linens and clothing in a fragrance-free detergent
         Pack baby's birth day suitcase
         Perform a baby drill to estimate how long the trip will take
         Give notice at your job, if applicable
         Arrange for childcare, if other children are in the home
         Arrange for pet care, if applicable
         Purchase and address baby announcements

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