Okay Dads, there is a time and a place for trial and error and diapering is not that time and place. When pee and poo are on the line, it is important to know the basics of proper diapering well ahead of time so practice, practice, and practice before the baby is born.

Poos Ahead
Most new parents are surprised to find out that newborn infants can poo more often than older infants. Typically, every diaper change for the first few weeks or so will consist of poo and pee. Infants also have no control over urinary and bowel function so cold air hitting the air can create a stream of new and exciting adventures, especially with infant boys.

Newborn Girls

Diapering a newborn girl is a bit more detailed than a boy. Girls need to be wiped from the front (pubic area) to the back (anal area) in one motion. It is not okay to reuse the same wipe for another pass. Once a baby wipe has been used once for a diaper change, it is full of germs from the anal area. These germs can easily spread to the vagina and cause an infection.

It is also important to clean between the labial folds. Cleansing the labial area does not require brute force, but a gentle touch. Mom will be more than happy to show dad a thing or two about cleansing the female area during a diaper change.

Newborn Boys
Boys are not as hard to clean but do tend to make a bigger mess if you are not careful. When an old diaper is opened, cold air can hit his area and instantly create a fountain of urine. In order to surpass this decorating tip, you should learn to remove the diaper backward. Placing the baby on the changing table tummy side down is just fine for a diaper change. Place the new diaper under the baby and remove the old diaper. In order for this to work, the diaper must be fastened backward. You can then clean away any poo in the diaper without being peed on.

Money Saving Tips
New, popular diapers come with color changing technology. With just a small amount of pee or moisture, the diaper front changes color. If mom and dad change the diaper every time this happens, they will go broke.

Expensive diapers are not necessarily better than store brands; it all comes down to personal taste.

Scented wipes have fragrance added which can cause irritation of the skin so it is advised to stick to non-scented wipes.