Giving Mom a Hand After Birth

During 40 weeks of gestation, mom’s hormone levels rise, shift, cycle, and change on a daily basis. After the baby is born, some hormone levels drop dramatically while others gradually return to normal. It is after birth that emotional issues, paired with sleep deprivation, often strike a usually happy couple. Mom needs some alone time, support time, and help after the baby is born, and Dad needs to learn how to read the signs.

Physical support from dad

Without a doubt, the physical support mom needs after birth will be the most visible. Mom needs time to rest and recover, especially if she has given birth via C-section. Dad can take over household responsibilities like cooking, cleaning and running other children to and from obligations. Dad will also need to be around to drive mom to her follow-up doctor’s appointments and pediatrician appointments for a while.

Emotional support from dad

Emotional support can be a bit trickier than physical support. Hormones are responsible for many emotions and mom has just spent the last 40 weeks with a ton of hormones running through her body. As hormone levels return to normal baby blues, also known as postpartum depression, are common. Baby blues are a mild form of depression following the birth of a baby. Sadness and crying are typical, but if mom appears to be withdrawn or severely depressed medical intervention may be required. Taking anti-depressant medication after giving birth to a baby is not a sign of being a bad mother. Some moms just have trouble dealing with emotional changes linked to hormonal changes.

Continuing support from dad

As the baby grows older and requires more attention, Dad may feel as though the hardest part is over. Mom will need support for baby for the rest of her parenting life and Dad should not want it any other way.