Me Time Replaced by Daddy Time

Living the bachelor life is what every man wants to hold onto after fatherhood. Unfortunately, bachelors are not often fathers and in-home dads are required to help out with baby even if the big game is on the television this Saturday afternoon. It can be hard for Dad to replace me time with daddy time, but working together with mom and using the give and take method may work to the advantage of both parents.

Give and take

If dad has something “manly” planned for a Saturday afternoon, mom should also plan something to do on her own. For instance, if the big game starts at 4:00 PM, mom can choose to hit the salon in the morning for a little mommy pampering. During this time, all cell phones are off and dad takes full control of the situation. Once mom returns home, she takes over caring for the baby so dad can have a little alone time with the boys.

Be open to new possibilities

Babies are resilient creatures that can adapt to just about any situation. Just because dad loves to spend weekends on the golf course does not mean he has to leave the baby behind. Dad can still enjoy golfing with a little help from a baby stroller or mommy helper. Making weekend adventures into a family affair may actually bring more love and connection into the family when sleep is deprived and love seems to have fallen out the window.

Working through life changes when the baby arrives is something mom and dad will have to plan around. Life with a baby is far different than life without baby, but that does not mean parents cannot partake in a little give and take along the way to make life with a baby happy and emotionally healthy.