High Heels Flat Shoes PregnancySure, every woman wants to look and feel sexy while pregnant, but there are safer ways to do that than wearing high heeled shoes. Aside from the fact that pregnancy hormones can cause the ligaments of the feet to loosen, resulting in foot spread and growth, women may also be a bit off balance while pregnant. Being off balance with a pair of three inch heels is not a safe choice for either the woman baby.

Balancing the Baby

Pregnancy hormones and body changes can leave women dizzy, fatigued and off balance while pregnant. Even though these changes are enough reason to stay away from high heels for a while, there is also that belly sticking out in front. As the baby grows, the center of balance the woman once knew shifts. This can cause swaying and clumsiness. Insert a pair of high heels into the picture and falling down is a bigger risk than ever before.

Swelling and Foot Growth

Some women experience foot growth during and after pregnancy. This growth is often associated with hormones released to loosen ligaments in the abdomen and pelvic area. As the end of pregnancy grows near, swelling compounds the problem and the woman may not be able to fit her feet into those high heels even if she wanted to.

Choosing a Happy Alternative

Low wedges are one option for women who simply must wear high heels. Wedges provide more stability when walking when compared to the slim, pointed heel most commonly worn. Even though low wedges are a better alternative, the woman may want to steer clear of those for the last month or two of pregnancy.