Missing the pill is a common occurrence especially with young women on the birth control pill.

This is an important topic because missing the pill can significantly increase your chances getting pregnant. There ar many myths going around about missing the pill. Below you'll find the correct answers by Dr.Amos that will help to clarify your concerns and remove all the confusions surrounding the issue of having missed the birth control pill.

The Pill

  • How does the pill work?
  • Do I ovulate when on the pill?
  • How many pills can I miss befo having to use a condom?
  • Does it matter when during the cycle I missed the pill?
  • How many days in a row is it OK to miss the Pill?
  • When is my period supposed to come?
  • Why does my period always come at the end of the white pills and not at the beginning?
  • Does the time of the day I take my pill actually matter?
  • I started a new brand of pill and my period changed. Why?
  • If I have been on the pill for years and missed several pills this month. Is that OK?
  • I have been on the pills for years. Should I go off for a month and give my body a rest?
  • Are my chances getting pregnant decreased if I have been on the pill for many years?
  • Should I tell my doctor if I plan to go off the pill?
  • What foods interfere with the pill?
  • What medications interfere with the pill?
  • Will I get pregnant if I have sex in between two packs of pills when I take the white pills?
  • Will I get pregnant if I have sex during my period?