A female condom is made from polyurethane and used by the woman as birth control to  prevent sperm from reaching the cervix. The female condom lines the inside of the vagina and covers the cervix like an inverted male condom.

If used correctly, the female condom is on average 75-85% effective, and it's 95% effective with correct use and used every time

The main advantage of the female condome is that it increases protection against some sexually transmitted diseases. No prescription is needed for buying the female condom. It can be inserted anytime - up to eight hours before love-making.

Disadvantages of the female condome include decreased vaginal sensation, the need to plan ahead. It protrudes outside the vagina which may be distasteful to some couples and it may be difficult to insert.

The female condom is placed into the vagina prior to intercourse and it can be removed immediately after intercourse.