Helping your children create a unique craft for Mother's Day each year can grow difficult over time. Rest assured, there are tons of Mother’s Day crafts out there that take just a few minutes to complete, though the impact will last a lifetime. This Mother’s Day, get the kids together for an hour of crafting and give mom a gift she can truly use.

Recipe dish towels

Dish towels hang all over kitchen cabinets and knobs. They are there to clean up emergency messes, dry dishes and even wipe a snotty nose once in a while. This Mother’s Day, gather a few simple recipes mom will love and use the dishtowels to give her the recipe in a unique way.

Lay the dish towel down flat on a table with the narrow side facing up. Tape the towel down to the table so it will not move when the kids start drawing. Ask the kids to draw a picture of the recipe you are writing on the towel. Keep the recipe simple so the picture is not too complicated. Use permanent or fabric markers. After the kids have completed their masterpiece, write the recipe on the towel. 

Personalized chair covers

Using the same permanent or fabric markers, have kids draw pictures of each member of the family on one side of a white pillow case. Make sure the top of the family member’s head (in the picture) is nearest the sewn end of the pillow case, while the neck or feet should be closest to the pillow case opening. Decorate mom’s chair cover with sparkles, beads, ribbons and more because it is Mother’s Day. 

Mother’s Day card puzzle

Nothing is better than the element of surprise and expectation. Have kids draw a beautiful picture for mom and include a Mother’s Day message on the picture. Glue the picture to poster board, cardboard or other hard paper. Cut the card into pieces that look like puzzle pieces. Place all the pieces in a large envelope and ask kids to address the outside of the envelope to mom. When mom opens the envelope she has to put together the pieces of the Mother’s Day puzzle to figure out the message.

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the special person in your life – mom. You do not have to spend tons of money or plan a huge party or trip to tell mom how much you care. Kids can be creative and enjoy a little arts and crafts time with dad or older siblings to create fun and exciting Mother’s Day gifts.

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