Unique Mother's Day Gifts You Never Imagined She Would Love

Spa days, weekend getaways and lunch dates with other moms are all gifts mom will love on Mother’s Day, but are those the same gifts you considered last year? Mothers are as unique as the stars and they deserve more than the proverbial tie every year. Open your mind and think about a truly unique Mother’s Day gift that she will remember for years to come. You may be surprised by just how easy it is to think outside the box of traditional Mother’s Day gifts.

Sprout bookmarks

If mom loves the good romance novel, these sprout bookmarks will be a hit every time. Cut a piece of poster board about one inch wide and four inches long. Have the kids decorate the poster board with leaves and flowers. Cut a thin stem and two green leaves out of green foam. Glue the stem and leaves to the top of the bookmark and dry for 24 hours. When mom places the bookmark in her book only the sprout will appear at the top between the pages. 

"Porn" calendar for mom

This is NOT what you might think. With the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, moms are in love with mommy porn gifts, so why not give her a funny gift that plays on this theme. Have kids take photos of dad doing chores around the house – dishes, vacuuming, making the bed, cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing the floors. Order a calendar using one photo for each month. Even if mom does not get to see dad doing chores most days, she can at least see dad doing one chore a month.

Mommy only bank account

This one is for all the dads out there who know mom has a tendency to give everything to others and keep nothing for herself. Start a bank account in her name and deposit a small amount of money into the account. Set up automatic deposits each month, as little as $5 or $10 will do. Give her the bank ledger for Mother’s Day and tell her the money is there for her and her only. She is not allowed to spend the money in that account on anyone but herself.

Mom deserves unique gifts each and every Mother’s Day, but sometimes creativity wanes and both kids and dads think it is okay to give the same gift as last year. Stop and think just a little about a creative, unique gift you can give mom that is like nothing else she has ever received.

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