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Many couples who have trouble getting pregnant are looking for initial steps they can do at home to improve their chances of getting pregnant. If you are just starting out or you have tried getting pregnant for some time and don't want to spend yet too much money on a medical solution, you should see if there are additional remedies for getting pregnant faster and easier.

Daily folic acid and vitamins

For folic acid to be effective you must start taking it at least 1-2 months before conception.

The #1 supplement among home remedies for getting pregnant is folic acid which is usually included in a pregnancy vitamin. Increase your intake of folic acid, iron and calcium by taking supplements. At least 600-800 mcg folic acid a day is recommended. For folic acid to be effective you must start taking it at least 1-2 months before conception. Folic acid decreases fetal malformations and improves your chances having a healthy pregnancy.

FertilAid both for women and men contains all the essential vitamins and folic acid PLUS it contains all natural supplements improving pregnancy chances both for men and women.

Lose weight

Being at your optimal weight for both of you improves your chances of getting pregnant. Losing weight is on top of the list of home remedies for getting pregnant. Maintain a healthy weight as being overweight or underweight can affect the body’s hormone levels which in turn makes conception difficult. Healthy weight loss can increase chances of getting pregnant; however, too much weight loss can affect a healthy pregnancy

Follow a healthy, balanced diet

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as foods that are rich in iron, calcium and folate, essential for reproductive health.


Regular exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling will help keep you fit and active before and during your pregnancy. It will also help get you back into shape after the pregnancy

No drinking or smoking

Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine as this can make you less fertile. Stop smoking to increase your chance of falling pregnant and your partner’s sperm quality and try to naturally detox and cleanse your system

Check your fertility and ovulation

Monitor your basal body temperature to determine the most likely time of ovulation and plan sexual activity

Decrease stress

Reduce stress by practicing relaxation techniques such as acupuncture, visualization or meditation, or listen to calming music with guided imagery

Following these home remedies for getting pregnant could improve your chances getting pregnant faster and have a healthy baby.

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