You are trying to get pregnant and you want to know right away when your tries turn into successes.  The initial pregnancy symtoms signs can be recognized before a pregnancy test is positive and before a missed period. The human body starts changing as soon as the egg and sperm meet and greet, so look and feel closely and you will know you are pregnant.

Basal Metabolic Temperature – Early Pregnancy Symptoms Signs

One of the initial pregnancy symptoms signs many women miss is a rise in basal metabolic temperature before a missed period . Women who are measuring basal metabolic temperature for fertility may have a regular log book of the rise and fall of temperatures throughout the month. Typically, the BMT will rise around the time of ovulation and fall back to a normal range for the duration of the month. Pregnancy causes the BMT to stay elevated, so if you are measuring your temperature daily, you will see your BMT rise for ovulation and then stay at that level.

Spotting – Implantation Bleeding

Both spotting and implantation bleeding are initial pregnancy signs before a missed period. Women may think this small amount of blood means the attempt at conceiving failed and prepare for their next menstrual cycle. Relax and wait it out a bit before getting stressed. The egg implants in the wall of the uterus which is rich with blood. A small amount of blood can escape the cervix and look like the beginning of a normal period, but that is not the case when that bleeding in one of the initial pregnancy signs.

Cramping in the Abdomen

Again, the female body is a tricky animal. Cramping associated with implantation of the egg in the uterus can often be mistaken for menstrual cramping. The cramps are initial pregnancy signs before a missed period, are usually milder than menstrual cramps and last only a short time.

Increased Sense of Smell

Estrogen levels in the body start raising at conception. Some women find they are sensitive enough to this early rise to feel the effects of estrogen before the first day of their missed period as initial pregnancy signs. A rise in estrogen can cause a variety of symptoms including an increased sense of smell. This is important to notice as many other symptoms are commonly associated with or attributed to a normal menstrual cycle and not the initial pregnancy signs before a missed period.

Other Initial Pregnancy Signs Associated with Estrogen

Estrogen can also cause headaches, food cravings, food aversions and morning sickness as initial pregnancy signs before you miss your period.

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