BBT Graph Help: The Graph Functions

You must Register as a BabyMed Member if you want to create BBT Graphs. Once you have chosen the Fahrenheit/Celsius, you cannot change it anymore. The button menu across the top offers these functions:

New: Creates a new cycle. Up to three per user.
List: Shows a list of up to three cycles you have saved.
Save: Saves your data to our database. You should always save as you enter data. Members Only
Calendar: Show your Calendar for the present cycle. Allows you to view fertile days, counts weeks, and also allows entry of data.

Data: Scroll through cycle days and enter/edit data. Save data within the "Data" screen only saves data temporarily. You still must save your graph from the top menu.
Graph: Brings up your BBT graph.
Remarks: Allows you to enter remarks which are then shown on your graph (optional).
Print: Prints graph (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).
Post: Allows you to post your graph with comments or questions to our expert or user BBT forum. Up to two posts on the expert forum per cycle are free. Posts to the user forum are unlimited.
Share: Allows you to email your BBT chart URL to anyone, even your doctor!
Link: You can view the link URL here. Copy (CTRL-C) and paste it to other areas or posts.

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