babyMed offers a free membership with access to fertility tools, calendars and calculators to improve a couple's chances of getting pregnant.

Membership on babyMed is completely FREE!

From Pregnancy Calendar and Ovulation Calendar to BBT basal body temperature charting and pregnancy calculators, babyMed has it ALL.

There are many advantages to becoming a babyMed member:

  • FREE Fertility Reminders - babyMed sends you regular notifications during your cycle about your fertile days, when to make love, expect your next period or when to do a pregnancy test
  • FREE Clomid Reminders - Reminds you when to expect ovulation
  • FREE OPK Reminders - Reminds you when to start testing and can save you money by eliminating too much testing
  • FREE Pregnancy Reminders - We inform you throughout your pregnancy about your progress

NEW FEATURES: Registered members can now save the pregnancy due date in the "My babyMed" Fertility and Pregnancy Data and the calendars will automatically default to that due date. In addition, every day you login your weeks and days will show up on top of babyMed.

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