In Vitro Fertilization and CarnitineResearchers from UNILABS in Paris, France, recently studied the role of carnitine in oocyte competence. According to the study, carnitine is released naturally and plays a part in the carnitine shuttle and lipid beta oxidation. Though researchers were unable to find enzymes associated with carnitine synthesis in the oocytes, they were able to find a strong expression of lipid beta oxidation, which requires carnitine.

Conclusion: To recreate the natural conception process experts believe the addition of carnitine to the IVF procedure should not be underutilized or forgotten. Carnitine can be added to the maturation process of the oocyte and the media used to culture the embryo.

Source: Montjean D, Entezami F, Lichtblau I, Belloc S, Gurgan T, Menezo Y. Carnitine content in the follicular fluid and expression of the enzymes involved in beta oxidation in oocytes and cumulus cells. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2012 Oct 3.